VP, Plan & Spec/Operational Support

Vice President Plan and Spec Job Description

REPORTS TO:    Executive Vice President

As a senior leader, this individual shall be responsible for the financial success and continued growth of the Plan and Spec department, CAD, FAB and construction support departments, along with leading employees in the operations and philosophy of the Harry Company Companies


Position Expectations

Contribute to the development and growth of the Company.

  • Understand and evaluate current market conditions.
  • Select projects to pursue and work in conjunction with the pre-construction department on the development of proposals and presentations. This position is responsible for the final bid for Plan and Spec projects.
  • Prepare and report on periodic goals and budgets for Plan and Spec department.
  • Work closely with President to develop and execute a strategic plan. This includes growth strategies, market focus, people development, etc.
  • Work with clients, architects, engineers, owners, construction managers, general contractors, and vendors to sell work that is preferable to Harry Company & Co., Inc and in accordance with the business plan.
  • Educate project team members about client strategies and ensure that they execute them.
  • Work in conjunction with the Vice President of Pre-Construction to achieve the following.
  • Develop a client base to include architects, engineers, owners, construction managers, general contractors, and vendors. Maintain written documentation on each client.
  • Create and maintain profiles on all major projects including project descriptions, photographs and feedback from customers and engineers on our performance.
  • Plan, develop, coordinate and supervise business development and marketing efforts for the Plan and Spec department.

Lead the Plan and Spec department, CAD, FAB and construction support departments to deliver successful projects the Company way.

  • Direct and coordinate all activities necessary for the proper execution, construction, and logistics for all of the department’s projects.
  • Lead the departments in each phase including pre-construction, construction, closeout, and post-construction services.
  • Educate and enforce all Company policies, protocols, and procedures for each and every project team member and project to ensure profitability, client satisfaction, and team support.

Drive the growth and development of Company staff.

  • Work closely with the management team to plan and execute staff development activities.  Provide leadership, coaching, and mentoring to Company employees.
  • Establish annual performance goals for each direct report and ensure goals are established for their direct reports.
  • Conduct timely and meaningful verbal and written performance evaluations for direct reports.
  • Collaboratively create individual development plans with direct reports that integrate the business needs of Company, the career objectives of the staff members, and the staff member’s strengths and weaknesses.  Provide ongoing support and feedback as plan is implemented.

Achieve financial control and profit goals for Plan and Spec Department.

  • Spearhead the effort to create annual business plan and budget for the Plan and Spec department.
  • Work in partnership with accounting and to assess client’s financial position and Company’s financial risk to develop financial management strategies that minimize the ’s exposure.
  • Ensure that projects are set up properly to meet established profit goals.
  • Manage project team(s) to ensure timely and accurate completion of all Company financial reports, processes, and controls, i.e., internal budgets, costs to complete, billings, collections, subcontractor payments, change order prep and resolution, contracts, etc.
  • Use financial reporting data quickly to identify potential and existing issues that could lead to sub par financial performance; immediately address these issues.
  • Ensure that Project Managers aggressively and proactively collect payments; create an atmosphere where clients and Project Managers understand the importance of timely payments and effectively administering the requisitioning and collections process.
  • Oversee the change-order process to ensure the extras presented to the owner get approved and are fair.

The knowledge skills and personal attributes needed to attain the results expected from a top performing Company executive.

  • Champions the Company Version of World-Class Customer Service
    Articulates, demonstrates, and drives by one’s actions a clear vision for delivering client intimacy.  Consistently exceeds client expectations, both internally and externally; does whatever it takes to meet client commitments, even under the most adverse conditions.

  • Knows the Client/Market
    Acquires and demonstrates a strong understanding of client issues and relevant market knowledge.  Effectively uses that information in project planning.  Constantly works to maintain a high level of expertise in the client’s industry and remain current on their issues.

  • Grows and Develops Others
    Is passionate about developing team members; pushes people to stretch their limits and actively learn and grow.  Is always on the lookout for learning opportunities for team members.  Provides meaningful feedback on a consistent basis to ensure both that team members are on the right track and that they receive recognition for work well dome.  Plans for the professional development of team members, identifying areas for individual development, providing access to the needed experiences and tools, and providing ongoing feedback.  Pushes self to stretch their limits and actively learn and grow, serving as a role model for others.

  • Drives Communication
    Drives effective communication both internally and externally by inviting contact, communicating in a manner that reflects an understanding to the style, preferences and needs of others, setting realistic expectations, and being open to feedback.  Also runs effective meetings and coaches job team members to do the same.  Provides the information, in a timely manner, that others need to do their work and feel good about being a member of the team.

  • Interpersonal Savvy
    Handles challenging interpersonal situations effectively.  Acts cool under pressure and can be counted on to hold things together during tough times and can manage personal stress.  Steps up to conflict, helping team members (including co-workers, subs, vendors, and the design community) find common ground and get cooperation with minimum noise.

  • Builds a Team
    Ensures that team members work well together and communicate effectively.  Makes roles and responsibilities clear; demonstrates trust in team members; helps to resolve conflicts; keeps team members informed and represents and supports the team effectively to the rest of Company.

  • Demonstrates a Sense of Urgency
    Sets high expectations and achieves them regardless of the barriers.  Demonstrates a passion for one’s work; enjoys working hard and is full of energy.  Acts with an insatiable need to get things done; can be counted on to get things done on time and with excellent quality and results.  Takes ownership for all aspects of a project.  Pays attention to the details to make sure the job gets done right.  Uses sound judgment in setting priorities – works on the highest priorities first and coaches others to do the same.

  • Has a Long-Term View
    Takes a board view when making decisions considering the various consequences and implications.  Thinks about the long-term interests of Company when making financial decisions, developing relationships (clients, subs, vendors, design community, and co-workers), and developing staff.

  • Acknowledges Mistakes
    Does whatever it takes to correct mistakes.  Turns potentially damaging situations into loyalty-building situations by being forthright and taking a problem-solving attitude when mistakes are made.  Acknowledges and takes responsibilities for own mistakes and actively seeks ways to share lessons learned, i.e., job debrief meetings, etc.  Is able to fail and get right back up.

  • Integrity and Trust
    Is widely trusted; is viewed as someone who does “the right thing” under the most trying of circumstances, and is forthcoming with information and doesn’t misrepresent for personal protection.  Demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Serves as a role model; does not ask anyone to do something they personally are not prepared to do.  Acts with humility consistently shelving one’s ego.  Deals with touch issues head on and gives others credit for work well done – gives others the limelight.

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